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I grew up in the small town of Boise, ID. I was introduced to the concept of movement and body awareness at the young age of 7. It was unconventional considering it was wrestling and motocross racing... but, make a mistake wrestling and you lose, make a mistake on a motorcycle and you may visit the hospital.

Small town kid meets big beautiful world.

Growing up in a small town has a few benefits. One of those benefits is that wrestling is cool. This was the beginning of my body awareness and cultivating energy. After years of serious competition, championship titles and numerous injuries, I had come to learn the body.

Moving on, I was a pre-med student in college. I eventually moved away from sports and into adventure. I replaced wrestling with rock climbing and shifted into the now. Each move became so imperative and presence was a matter of life and death.

After college, my zest for adventure led me to ski patrol and furthered my education of the body. After a brief stint in corporate america, I was beckoned to LA by the shimmering light of healing. By 2002 my career in energy and bodywork was starting to unfold. This is when the journey truly began.

I have since studied Swedish massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Thai massage, many modalities of Deep Tissue work, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kalari and everything in between.

No wonder I enjoy yoga so much, it is a combination of strength and balance and inner awareness. Through the watchful eyes of many masters I have crafted my teachings to heal and nurture. The path is long and the journey full of lessons. I now share those ideas with my friends, students and community.


Copyright 2010, Ryan Patterson.